John 5:24 The Resurrector and the Judge [Part 4]

What must one know to be saved? Some wish to answer this with a minimalistic approach to salvation. But the Scriptures’ answer isn’t minimalistic. Instead, the knowledge of salvation is to truly know God as He revealed Himself in His incarnate Son as recorded for us in Scripture. And God gave this in a way that even children can understand. Listen to find out.

John 5:16-18 The Clash of Worldviews [Part 4]

Jesus made His divinity known in an unmistakable way. He is God as evidenced in His deeds. He does what God does because He has divine prerogatives as God the Son. However, the Pharisees are blind to this reality. Steeped in their own man-made religion, they pay no attention to the promises of God that His Messiah, the Son of God and the Son of Man, the Savior would come into this world. Their godless response is the intent to kill.

John 5:9-15 The Clash of Worldviews [Part 3]

People can be overzealous about things God could care less about. The Pharisees were such people. They vigorously promoted and guarded their own man-made religion. With the healing of the invalid, the Son of God contradicted and disrespected their religious rules. How would the Pharisees respond? Would they submit to His divine authority? Or, would they contend for their own rules and requirements? Listen to find out.