The Messianic Ransom Was Planned and Executed for Our Sake


#213 – “My Hope Is In The Lord”


We recited 1 Peter 1:1-18 as a whole and reviewed propositions for each verse covered in previous weeks.


1 Peter 1:19

Our ransom was heavenly, not earthly.

  • Our price for redemption could not be made with anything of this world, like silver and gold. No amount of money could ever change a person's heart and redeem their souls.

  • The price of our ransom was heavenly; precisely, our ransom was purchased with the price of Christ's blood. By quality and value, it is precious.

  • God allowed animal sacrifices for sins as a foreshadow of the real sacrifice that was to come, which was human blood (Hebrews 10:1-4).

  • Humanity is in sin, and human beings are sinners. Every human being has to pay for their own sins, but no one can serve as their own ransom payment or anybody else's because their blood is not unblemished and spotless as a sacrificial lamb.

    • Romans 3:10-18 - "There is none righteous, not even one"

  • The only pure and unblemished sacrifice that can pay for man's sin is Christ's. Christ had to offer His own precious, unblemished human blood for sins, and the only way to accomplish that was through an earthly incarnation and offering made on the cross.

1 Peter 1:20

The Messianic ransom was planned.

  • Christ was predetermined and foreknown as the planned sacrifice. Christ is the fulfillment of what Reformed theology calls the "pactum salutis", or the "covenant of redemption." God had the redemption plan before the creation of the world. This means that before Genesis 1:1 and the creation of all things, God had a plan! God chose who He would redeem even before creation was created. This tells us that the whole purpose of creation is to execute God's redemption plan.

  • Christ’s first coming and His redemptive work marked the beginning of the last times, in which we are living now in hope of the future to come in eternity.

The Messianic ransom was executed for our sake.

  • Christ paid the ransom for our sake. In another sense, this was for the sake of the Father, in that He fulfilled the will of God who sent Him (John 6:38) in our redemption. Christ committed to fulfill God’s sovereign plan to be the sacrifice and payment for our sins. But as we are the ones who needed redemption, Christ’s ransom was paid and completed for the sake of us who believe, so that by faith we would receive forgiveness and redemption. So then it was for our sake and it was for the Father’s sake that Christ paid our ransom.