Men's Workout #60 - September 22, 2018


We started our time together by singing hymn #19 "To God Be the Glory."


James 1

  • We must not merely hear the word, but it must implant into us and we must carry it out in active obedience, aligning our lives day by day to the Word of God. Doers of the Word are those who also intensely consider and wrestle with what the Word says.

  • When there is a problem of desire, we must be wary of where it may lead. If we incubate desires, they may give birth to sin. Instead of letting any desires linger, we must deal with them so as not take any chances with giving birth to sin.

  • God's people exercise mercy and compassion toward those in need.

James 2

  • There is no room for personal favoritism among God's people.

  • We have accountability before the Lord as those who spoke and acted; either it was as according to the law, or not. We pursue obedience of what God wants for His people, which is His law. Specifically in the context of James, we are not to practice favoritism, which would be a violation of the command to love our neighbors as ourselves.

  • Prove your faith by what you do. We don't earn salvation through obedience, but obedience is a key attribute of one who is genuinely saved and is following Christ.

  • What kind of faith saves? There is only one kind of faith that saves, and that faith is perfected and proven by the kinds of works it produces. True faith will always show itself in its works. The works always correspond with saving faith. In other words, saving faith always works.

We ended our time with memorization and recitation of James 3:1-8.