Men's Workout #47 - June 2, 2018


We started our time together by singing hymn #143, "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name."


We reviewed James 4:13-17, spending:

  • 3 minutes to memorize verses 13-14;
  • 3 minutes to memorize verses 15-17;


James 4:13-14

  • James is addressing the attitude in the heart. James doesn't call this attitude foolishness, but arrogance. We literally do not know what will happen to us tomorrow; we are not sovereign, and thus we don't control our own destinies.
  • Life is unpredictable. We encounter things in life that we don't anticipate and cannot control.
  • The Bible is not telling us not to make plans at all. We ought to submit our plans for the future to the Lord's trust and care. He is sovereign and He is in control. But we sin if we proudly and arrogantly plan according to our own arrogance and expect outcomes of our own control. We must live with the understanding that we are all living under God's sovereign plan and control.
  • The principle of humility vs. arrogance is general and not only tied to the specific example of enterprise or making money. We could replace "make a profit" with "make disciples of Christ," and in either scenario a boasting and arrogant attitude that doesn't submit plans to God's sovereign is still foolish and sinful.

James 4:15-17

  • James is not saying boasting and arrogance is merely foolish, but that it is sin.
  • Verse 17 generalizes the sin of omission. If you do not follow through with what God wants, that is clearly sin.
  • "The right thing" in verse 17 is geared toward God's commands. We ought to live practically under the sovereignty of God, acknowledging His control in all things.


James 5:1-5

  • James addresses those who are rich in life.
    • The rich hoard their riches and resources, only to have them waste away.
    • The rich are abusive, holding back wages from those who have fairly earned them.
    • The rich are self-indulgent, relentlessly pursuing pleasure without restraint, but having and end result in judgment.
    • The rich exploit their power and evade their own judgment on earth, but they cannot escape God's judgment.
  • Hoarding
    • Saving for the future can be a good thing, but be on the guard against greed. We ought to be rich toward God unto good works, not saving them up selfishly for ourselves.
      • Luke 12:13-21
    • We can avoid being hoarders by making a habit of being generous, even if they are relatively small things.
    • Instead of hoarding, we can be diligent to address and take care of the needs of our households and those around us.
      • 1 Timothy 6:17-18 (in context of verses 6-19)