Believers Have An Otherworldly Joy, and We Are Saved By Faith


#198 – Across the Lands

We started by reciting and reviewing propositions for 1 Peter 1:1-8a.

  • This is not our home (v1)

  • We are chosen by the triune God (v2)

  • God regenerated us (v3)

  • We will all live forever in heaven (v3-4)

  • God powerfully preserves us (v5)

  • Trials don't ruin us (v6)

  • We rejoice in trials (v6)

  • We have a genuine and enduring faith (v7)

  • Believers have an otherworldly joy (v8)

Afterward, we continued studying through 1 Peter 1, concentrating on verses 8b-11.


Believers have an otherworldly joy.

  • This joy does not belong to this world; it belongs to a different world.

  • Our joy is not simply happiness.

  • Consider the following joys:

    • Partaking in communion

    • Worship

    • God's truth

    • Bright future ahead

    • Meeting the Lord

    • Forgiveness of sins

    • A changed life

    • Fellowship in God's church

    • Answered prayer

    • God's love

    • Giving

    • Sharing the Gospel with others

    • God's acceptance

    • Hope, even in the midst of death and the grave

    • God's creation

We are saved by faith.

  • In verse 9, "outcome" speaks more to something being given to us or being received, rather than us earning or obtaining.

  • Salvation is by faith, not by our works, our deeds, our endurance, any of our doing. It is the outcome of our faith. Our trust in God and His Word results in good works and endurance, etc.

  • Salvation is not merely physical, but also applies to our souls.

  • If God did not choose us, regenerate us, preserve us, or protect us, we would live fruitless lives and receive judgment for our souls.

Christ’s coming was not haphazard.

  • Christ’s coming was planned and predicted. The salvation that we have is not random or haphazard, but has been purposed by God and recorded in history. God had a plan for salvation, and the prophets prophesied of it.

  • The prophets made careful searches and inquiries. For example, Daniel sees a vision in Daniel 8 and seeks to understand its meeting (8:15). (See also Daniel 9:3, Daniel 9:20-23.) These searches and inquiries pertain to the coming Messiah.

  • In verse 11, “the Spirit of Christ” refers to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is sent in the name of Christ (John 14:26, 16:13-15). The Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) are united and operate in purpose and desire.

  • Prophecies concerning Christ’s suffering and glorification were also pointed out by Jesus Himself (see Luke 24:25-26, 45-46).

  • This plan of salvation was purposed for us.