Rejoice In All That God Is Doing, Even Through Various Trials


#302 “Nothing But The Blood”

We continued studying through 1 Peter 1, concentrating on verses 6-9.


  • We are overjoyed in our security in God and in our future salvation.

    • Christians greatly rejoice in all the work that God is doing. For example, we rejoice in God's work of saving people through faith in Christ, in the sanctifying work of the Spirit in the walk of every believer, and in the certainty of our fulfilled hope that we will obtain eternal life, reserved for us in heaven.

    • Christians greatly rejoice in the protective power of God. What are some ways that God protects us?

      • By shielding us from false teaching

      • In the prevention of falling into sin

      • Through suffering or discipline for sin, which teaches us to turn away from evil

      • By giving us a fear of Him that precludes a committing of sin

      • In the provision of God-fearing and faithful shepherds and teachers in the church

      • Through the encouragement and fellowship of brethren in the church

  • Trials are not of one type.

    • "Various trials" encompasses any and all types of trials or suffering. Some examples: disease, sickness, insecurity, death, loneliness, persecution, loss of employment, or rebellious children.

  • Trials are temporary.

    • Trials are temporary in the sense that they will only persist during our earthly lives. They may be momentary or sustained, but they will not carry over into eternity.

  • God deems trials as necessary.

    • We endure trials so that the proof of our faith may result in salvation and glorification. (Proof refers to the genuineness or character of our faith.)

    • Through the endurance of trials and suffering, we can have confidence that our faith is real and genuine. This is valuable because we can truly know that we have salvation waiting for us at the end. In this sense, the endurance of suffering is necessary and even joyful.

  • Genuine faith is more valuable than money.

    • There is a ceiling to what earthly riches can buy. Even the purest of gold can only purchase that which is produced in this temporary life. It can’t buy you love, peace, security, or wisdom.

    • In comparison, a genuine faith is precious and incomparably more valuable than any asset or precious resource found on earth.

    • Genuine faith is able to "buy" something that no amount of gold can buy - the salvation of our souls, the forgiveness of sin, and eternity in heaven.