We Are Aliens, and We are God’s Elect


#361 “By Faith”

This week we began studying through 1 Peter.


  • Peter writes with the authority of the Lord.

    • The authority of Scripture comes from Christ Himself.

    • Even something as standard authoritative as a dictionary changes over time. Words get added, and definitions get updated.

    • Scripture comes from God with the authority of Christ.

  • Peter wrote to Gentiles.

    • Recipients of the letter are addressed as "aliens".

  • We are here for a short stay, and our home is in heaven.

    • The world we live in is sinful and cursed, and should not be an ideal home for anybody.

    • Our hope should reside in our future in heaven, not on our present life on earth.

    • Our time on earth is temporary. We are visitors who are here for a short time, and our permanent home is in heaven.

  • Peter is writing to those "who are chosen".

    • The chosen = the elect of God, or those who have been planned by God for salvation.

    • God's election is triune.

      • The Father is the planner.

      • The Spirit is the sanctifier.

      • The Son is the Lord and Redeemer.

  • The Father is the planner.

    • God's foreknowledge extends back to before the foundation of the world, according to His knowledge that existed before anything of this world.

    • We are believers today because the Father planned it to be so.

  • The Spirit is the sanctifier.

    • The Spirit of God always sanctifies those whom the Father has chosen.