Matthew 5-7 Memorization Exam - September 23rd through October 14th

From September 23rd through October 14th, we had memorization and review sessions in place of our usual Workout sessions.

9/23 - Review day

9/30 - Review and Recitation of Matthew 7

10/7 - Review and Recitation of Matthew 6

10/14 - Review and Recitation of Matthew 5

As a group, we did the following to help each other memorize Matthew 5-7 (on 9/30, 10/7, and 10/14):

  • We broke each chapter up into blocks of a few verses each.
    • Each block length closely followed the length of the previous weekly passage selections.
  • Using a timer to keep track of time, we spent 1 minute per verse to review and memorize each block.
  • When the timer went off, the group would collectively recite the verses from verse 1 through the last block of verses that was reviewed.

For example, we spent 2 minutes reviewing and memorizing Matthew 7:1-2. After the timer went off, we recited Matthew 7:1-2 as a group. Then, we spent the next 3 minutes reviewing and memorizing Matthew 7:3-5. After the timer went off for this block, we recited Matthew 7:1-5 cumulatively as a group. This pattern was repeated until all of the verses in chapter 7 were reviewed and recited. By the end of the session, we were able to recite the entirety of Chapter 7 from memory as a group.