Ephesians Review (1:1-2:10)

Greetings (1:1-2):

o   Christians are holy ones.

Every Blessing (1:3):

o   Christ is the treasure in whom we have every heavenly treasure.

Election (1:4a):

o   Before the beginning of the world, God selected us for His blessing!

o   We were chosen to be a holy spectacle before God for His own pleasure.

Adoption (1:4b-6):

o   We are naturally not God's children.

o   God brought near to Himself sinners who should have been shunned.

Grace (1:7-8a):

o   We were released from our sins ("forgiveness") through the blood of God's beloved.

o   The Father gave up what was most precious to Him to lavish on us His grace.

Revelation (1:8b-10):

o   Jesus is the main point for the existence of everything.

o   There is no better person for whom the universe should exist than our dear Savior.

Possession & Pledge (1:11-14):

o   We are to praise God and give voice to His great worth.

o   The Spirit sanctifies us until we're glorified.

Prayer (1:15-16):

o   We should have a clear view of whom we pray to.

Understanding (1:17-18):

o   We should pray for knowledge of God that is beyond rote or head-knowledge but a true perspective of who He is in the core of our being.

o   We are to know the future hope for which God called us.

o   We are to know the value God places in us as His own "inheritance."

o   Resurrection Power (1:19-20a):

o   We are to know the power of God in our lives.

o   God's power that energizes us spiritually is the impressive power with which He raised Christ Jesus from the dead.

Exaltation Power (1:20b-23):

o   By His power, God places Jesus "far above" all the angels and everything else, both in this world and the one to come.

o   Christ is our head, and we submit to Him!

Spiritual Death (2:1-2a):

o   God exercised His power to deliver us from our prior spiritual condition of spiritual death, a life of sin.

Satan & the Flesh (2:2b-3):

o   The devil actively works to steer this world toward sin against God.

o   We all were once bent on carrying out the desires of our flesh and our godless mind.

Grace (2:4+5b):

o   Our trespasses and sins were against God.

o   We were repulsive rebels.

o   God should have sent us to hell but He instead loved us.

God's Saving Acts (2:5a+6):

o   God raised us up and made us spiritually alive.

o   God gave to us an exalted position before Him.

Ultimate Purpose (2:7-9):

o   God saved us to put on display the riches of His grace.

o   Without Christ there is no regeneration, no calling, no sanctification and no glorification.

Good Works (2:10):

o   God saved us for works of service and sanctification.

o   God planned for us to execute and walk in these good works.