Man Disobeys God (Genesis 3)

Instead of listening to God, Eve listens to the lying serpent. She eats from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and gives some of its fruit to Adam who also eats. Realizing that they’ve sinned, Adam and Eve try in vain to hide from God. God punishes their sin. He first curses the serpent and declares that the seed of the woman will crush him. He then curses Eve with the pain of child birth and Adam with the hard work that will be needed to acquire food. Finally, because of their sin, God curses mankind with death and kicks Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. However, God does not simply abandon them. He also shows them mercy by providing them animal skins to wear. Now, even though we never ate the forbidden fruit, we too, have sinned against God and deserve death. But God is merciful, and His greatest demonstration of mercy toward us is found in the promised seed of the woman, Jesus Christ, who died on a cross to save sinners.