Jesus is Warrior, King, and Judge (Revelation 19:11-20:15)

After the 7 year tribulation, Jesus and His army (saints from the Old Testament and church) come to battle against the Antichrist and those who are against God.  Jesus and His army win this battle, and the Antichrist is thrown into the lake of fire.  Soon after this victory, Jesus establishes His 1000 year rule on the world as king.  This is called the millennial kingdom.  It’s like the world we currently live in but much better.  How is this possible?  1) Because Jesus is king and 2) Because Satan is put into prison for 1000 years (so Satan is not able to trick and tempt people to sin).  After these 1000 years, Satan will be released and will gather people to battle against Jesus.  In this final battle between Jesus vs. Satan… Jesus wins.  In fact, Jesus wins easily.  And Satan is thrown into the lake of fire.  Finally, Jesus will judge everyone according to the Book of Life and what’s recorded in the other books about everyone’s deeds.  If your name is not found in the Book of Life, you too will be thrown into the lake of fire.  For Christians, we can find comfort knowing that our name is etched in the Book of Life: we have been saved by the blood of our savior, Jesus Christ, and will be with Him forever in Heaven.