God Shows John the Worthy Lamb -- Jesus (Revelation 5:1-14)

God is sitting on His throne and holding a very important book.  We know this is an important book because 1) God is holding it, 2) There are seven seals, 3) No one was able to open it.  When the Apostle John saw this, he was sad.  But, it turns out there was someone who could open it.  Then, John saw a lamb (Jesus) was able to take the book from God.  And everyone was amazed and praised God.  Why was Jesus the only one able to take this book and eventually open it?  To answer this, we have to understand what this book was about.  We already know it’s an important book.  This book is about God’s future plan during the 7 year period called the Tribulation.  During this time, God will judge unbelieving sinners in this world which will result in great pain and suffering.  Because Jesus is holy (no sin) and judge, only He can open this book that reveals God’s future plan about the Tribulation.