Be Ready for Jesus’ Return (Matthew 25:14-30)

Jesus teaches the parable of the talents to highlight the meaning of faithful obedience.  In the parable, the master goes away for a while but entrusts his slaves with a large amount of money called a talent.  Each slave receives a different amount of talents.  Either way, it’s a lot of money because 1 talent is equivalent to 15 years of income.  It is clear to the slaves that the master expects them to use the talents and work to earn more talents for him.  Some of the slaves obey.  But the last slave doesn’t.  The master is pleased and happy with his faithful slaves but angry with his unfaithful slave.  Similarly, Jesus has gone away but promises to return one day.  Will you be ready for when he returns?  True disciples not only believe in Jesus as their savior but faithfully obey him.  That’s how you prepare for Jesus’ return: faithful obedience.