Our Vision Statement

The chief purpose of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. When a person commits his life to the pursuit of this goal, he is fulfilled and his life is in harmony with his Creator and with other people. Therefore, Evangel Bible Church of Silicon Valley (EBCSV) is committed to helping people achieve this grand purpose. The believer must demonstrate an effort to please God, who not only gave him life, but eternal life through the sacrifice of His own Son. The believer’s reward for a God-honoring life will be the greatest prize in the universe-God Himself. To this end, EBCSV aims to build a God-honoring community of worshipers who will exemplify a Christ-like lifestyle and be able to teach and reproduce viable Christians.


Five Core Values of EBCSV

  1. Word − to give highest priority to studying and obeying God’s words so that our thoughts and lifestyle would conform to God’s will.

  2. Worship − to be passionate about God’s glory in all that we do and say.
  3. Witness − to make disciples locally and internationally so that Christ would be reproduced in others.
  4. Warmth − to create an atmosphere of love and acceptance so that a nurturing community would develop.
  5. Works − to equip believers so that they may produce good works which flow from genuine faith so that the body may be built up.